Chadwick and

Meyerson (CCM)

“The marketing people I work with have to be smart, self-starting, exacting and tough. Walter Coddington has never let me down."

Frances Flecther, Director of Establishment Marketing, Citicorp

“Walter Coddington works with me, not just for me. He helps me find solutions to the creative problems that are inherent in a multi-faceted product promotion. He asks the right questions, understands the real issues and gives me what I need, when I need it.”

Nancy Dekraker, Promotion Manager, Lever Brothers

“Your presentation and work leading up to it were exceptionally fine. Both the creative quality and the quality of seamlessness were a treat to see. The clients were obviously impressed. The sense that this concept could become part of a family’s life is a new one. You helped bring it alive. Congratulations.”

Alex Kroll, CEO, Young & Rubicam 

“The reps had nothing but praise for our entire presentation. I was given a standing ovation … We are well aware of a major reason behind the success of our meetings – Walter Coddington's input and follow-up.”

Stan Karp, Product Manager, Ex-Lax 

“Walter Coddington has been doing exceptional direct response marketing for us for more than five years … and has consistently demonstrated rare integrity and commitment.”

Peter Quandt, Senior Vice President,Macmillan Book Clubs